Red Giant Proofier Subscription

$ 25,99 every month

Experience the ultimate in proofreading and text refinement with 550 credits each month, enabling profound inquiries and thorough responses, accommodating up to 3000 tokens for each interaction.



Experience the ultimate in proofreading and text refinement with the Red Giant monthly subscription. Each month, you will be granted 550 credits, providing optimal utilization and learning potential of our tool.

Each credit allows for a single interaction with the assistant (1 prompt), which encompasses both your question and its detailed response, tallying up to 500 tokens. This interaction can incorporate a query of up to 3000 tokens and generate a comprehensive response of up to 3000 tokens, ensuring you have sufficient room for in-depth inquiries and thorough answers.

The Red Giant subscription permits two queries per 60 seconds. This policy is implemented to guarantee fair resource allocation and optimal performance for all users, helping you get the most out of your subscription.

Subscribe to the Red Giant package today and immerse yourself in the apex of proofreading and text refinement, with the ability to handle profound inquiries and receive comprehensive responses.


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