White Dwarf Proofier Subscription

$ 12,99 every month

Enjoy 120 credits every month, ensuring precise and efficient proofreading, with the added advantage of managing comprehensive questions and receiving in-depth responses up to 1000 tokens each.



Embark on a precise and efficient proofreading journey with our White Dwarf monthly subscription. You’ll receive 120 credits every month, enabling you to explore our tool at your own pace.

Each credit permits a single interaction with the assistant (1 prompt), encompassing both your question and its comprehensive response, totalling up to 500 tokens. This interaction can involve a query of up to 1000 tokens and yield a detailed response of up to 1000 tokens, providing you with the flexibility to ask extensive questions and receive in-depth answers.

With the White Dwarf subscription, you can conduct two queries per 60 seconds. This ensures fair resource allocation and optimal performance for all users, allowing you to get the most out of your experience.

Subscribe today and start enjoying a seamless proofreading experience with added benefits of managing comprehensive questions and receiving thorough responses.


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